Down Cushion Inserts, Keep or Toss?

If anyone is looking to recycle their old down inserts, rather than trash them, bring them to us and we can recycle for down cushions and pillow inserts!

DSC - Down Cushion InsertsThe down in cushion inserts can be saved and re-used instead of throwing it in a landfill. When re-using the down it's really good to blend it with polyfil for a new, long-lasting cushion. You want to keep the inserts you can take them out and place them in the sun for a day, shake them really well and they will come back to life . . . but blending with poly is our personal favorite!

We only use spring down in our inserts. They provide incredible support and look fabulous. We use 50/50 on back cushions because of the movement of down but the support of polyfil.